In late July of 2006, with ongoing hostilities in the Middle East, there was spiritual guidance to send an e-mail to Light Language (sacred geometry) practitioners encouraging them to write grids promoting the greater good regarding this situation. Within a couple of days I had responses from people in the United States, Australia, Germany, Brazil, and Israel. Individuals from five countries on five continents had responded to the call!

After meditating on this, another insight came through. Our Planet is so interconnected that a situation in one area of the globe affects our whole Planet. As an example, at that time China announced their economy had grown faster than expected in the most recent quarter. With China being the most populous country on Earth, the crude oil markets immediately recognized that this event would increase world energy demand. Within minutes the worldwide price of crude oil jumped $1 per barrel. Additionally, we see that deforestation of the Amazon rain forest decreases the oxygen content for our whole World, a tsunami in Indonesia is felt worldwide as is the flooding of New Orleans, etc.

I see what can best be described as a webbing (or grid) around the planet. The webbing is so sensitive that just like touching a spider's web in one place causes a ripple (vibration) to be felt through the whole web, so it is with our Planet. This is one of the reasons that a local event has planetary repercussions. The good news is that as the challenges (opportunities disguised as problems) are planetary, so are the solutions.

With this insight came guidance to propose a Coalition of Planetary Lightworkers. A group composed of highly conscious people who have a desire to make a difference planetarily. The Coalition is composed of people from many countries, continents, ethnic groups, religious groups practicing diverse spiritual/healing disciplines. Each individual works the challenge in whatever way they are guided: light language, pranic healing, divine intervention, kriyashakti, reiki, enlovement, etc. The more people focused on a greater good solution from more parts of the World with different gifts, the more of a difference we make! To maintain a focus and thus allow the group to be highly effective, we stick with about one major planetary issue per month. If we try to tackle too many areas at one time the group energy is diluted and becomes less effective. Communication is done through e-mail. Whenever a Coalition member sees a challenge that they feel needs massive planetary support, they e-mail me and I send an e-mail to the whole group. For everyone’s protection all Coalition e-mails are sent without showing the participant’s identity. Since embodying love is so important in all we do “Love” was added to the Coalition’s name in 2008.

If you would like to become a part of this group,
simply send your name, country, and e-mail address to me at:

In the subject line indicate that you wish to join the Coalition.
Feel free to pass on the Coalition newsletters to anyone you wish.
The group is open to anyone who wishes to promote
the greater good of our Planet and her inhabitants.

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