Light Language, a sacred teaching passed down from the Curanderos of Mexico, moves us to a whole new level of communication. We learn to consciously read and write light using color and sacred geometries. With this knowledge, we re-shape our auras and change our lives!


Beginning Light Language
4 Hour Class.  No prerequisite.

At the beginning level, we work with 7-shaped sequences called grids to consciously create what we desire in life.  Learn to recognize how you use color and geometry in your language, thoughts, and behavior.  Through this knowledge you will construct a personal grid and learn how to grid your home, property, or work.  These grids assist in attracting beneficial energies, events, and people into your life while providing a buffer for anything less.  Experience instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and in your environment!  A manual is included with the class.

Intermediate Light Language
2 Day Class.  Prerequisite: Beginning Light Language.

On the intermediate level, learn to write 49-shape grids to create cash, improve or change your career, promote healthy relationships, heighten spiritual awareness, provide service to your community, and more!  In addition, learn powerful grids for the energetic healing of 164 dis-eases.  As you understand the causes of dis-ease or dis-harmony, your grids can transform them.  An extensive manual is included with the class.


Advanced Light Language
5 Day or 2 Weekend Class.  Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language. 

On the advanced level, learn to write 144-shape grids to experience your most profound sense of Self, create powerful changes in all aspects of your life, and provide an even greater service to your community!  You will integrate 80 advanced, powerful geometries and over 150 colors into your energy field.  Four manuals totaling approximately 700 pages are included with the class.  


The Advanced Toruses
4 Hour Class. No prerequisite.

Learn how to use 108 toruses that work with the Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth elements.  These toruses promote health and wholeness in all areas of your life and in the lives of others!


Master Light Language
Prerequisite: Advanced Light Language

Master Light Language taps into some of the highest magic on the Planet!  There are two parts, The Eternal Mobius and Master Light Language Cube.  These classes are often offered individually and attendance in one is not required before taking the other.


The Eternal Mobius
2 Day Class.

This class takes the magical power of the mobius to a whole new level!  The Eternal Mobius is a mobius embodying two complete Intermediate Light Language grids constructed of Advanced Light Language shapes and colors.  As such you learn to create with the speed of Intermediate Light Language, the power of Advanced Light Language, and the perpetuating ability of the mobius!  A manual is included.


Master Light Language Cube
4 Day Class.

This cube is created by selecting colors and shapes for 1728 individual cubes which physically are aligned 12 x 12 x 12 to construct the Master Light Language Cube.  Creating the Master Light Language Cube is like whispering in God’s ear.  It is an extremely high form of service.  The cube can be used to manifest beneficial energies for the Planet, Galaxy, and yes, even the Universe!!!  As above, so below.  As you transform the Universe you are profoundly transformed. An extensive manual is included.


Light Language Teachers Training
4 or 5 Day Class.

Light Language Teachers Training is offered at least once per year in North America, Western Europe, and Australia.  To learn about the prerequisites or to apply, contact me.




Easily Recognize and Create Your Heart's Desires

Full Day Class

You have a God given right to live a life full of joy, happiness, and prosperity. There are two keys to having this life: knowing your divine life purpose and manifesting it! This class assists you in better understanding your purpose and gives you the keys to live it.

This class includes:

  • The direct connection between your life purpose and heart’s desires.
  • How to recognize and more fully experience your heart’s desires.
  • The practical steps to manifest your life purpose.
  • The dynamic combination of heart, head, and hand that leads to success.

How to Create Wealth and Remain True to Yourself

The insights gained in this class empower you in career choices, happy relationships, financial abundance, and self-esteem. All areas of your life are enhanced!


Connect with Spirit through Breath
Full Day Class

Amongst many indigenous people there is a recognition of the powerful connection between breath and Spirit.  The syllable "Ha" in the Hawaiian culture, which is found in the words Hawaii and aloha, means both breath and Spirit.  Learning these powerful breathing techniques from around the World balance, clear, and recharge you using the God-given life force everywhere present.  You have an opportunity to "rewire" your energetic system and body to be able to receive and share more love and energy.  This results in you embodying more of your Self and being better able to fulfill your Life Purpose. 

The focuses of the class are:

  • Opportunities for profound spiritual activation.
  • Powerful breathing techniques to increase levels of energy throughout the physical and subtle bodies.
  • Incorporation of the intensified New Millennium energies.
  • Methods to prevent Kundalini syndrome.
  • Suggestions for diet, exercise, and body that support the transformations associated with this workshop.
  • Experiencing a greater sense of your Self and your Life Purpose.



Connect with your Soul's Blueprint
Full Day Class

Your Soul has given you a blueprint to guide you in this lifetime. This blueprint is your natal (birth) chart which assists you in understanding your life purpose, personal strengths, and learning opportunities. It addresses all areas of your life: purpose, career opportunities, cash, relationships, health, gifts you brought in from past lives, and much more.

This system of astrology is based upon Dr. Turi's study of Nostradamus and his immense wisdom. One of the ways this system differs from other systems is in its recognition of the powerful dragon, the moon's north and south nodes, which can be as important as all the rest of the chart. The dragon, and hidden dragon, give clear insight on what you have come to do this lifetime and gifts or potential pitfalls from past lives.

This class includes:

  • What your natal chart tells you about your Soul purpose.
  • How your natal chart guides you in understanding your life direction.
  • Learning how the 12 signs, 12 houses, and planets of our solar system influence all of us.
  • Understanding what the significant planetary aspects say about your life.
  • All the information you need to read your or another's astrological chart.


Create what serves your greatest good and supports your heart-felt desires!
Full Day Class

This is a totally out-of-the-box class. Following an opening invocation we share the heart-felt desires of what we wish to create in our lives. With 29 years of teaching experience, I am able to draw upon knowledge of Light Language (practical application of sacred geometry and color), individual and group meditation, life purpose and prosperity empowerment, relaxation and energizing breathing techniques, numerology, tarot, astrology, and universal principles to craft a blend of experiences that supports the heart-felt desires and greatest good of each individual. The group energy empowers everyone in manifesting their goals.



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