Richard Gordon has been a spiritual/metaphysical teacher since 1980, teaching in well over a 100 locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Australia. He loves to teach Light Language (practical application of sacred geometry and color), individual and group meditation, Life Purpose and prosperity empowerment, relaxation and breathing techniques, numerology, tarot, astrology, and universal principles.  Richard also does individual intuitive counseling, energy work, and astrology readings.

   He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, several years experience in the petroleum industry, and created his own business in 1985.  Richard’s desire with all classes and individual sessions is to marry his business and spiritual/metaphysical experience to promote practical spirituality which is lovingly, joyously, and easily applied in everyday life.

   Since consciously beginning his spiritual journey, Richard has directed the Baton Rouge School of Metaphysics and served as president and a member of the board of directors for the Louisiana Society for Personal Realization.  He is a certified Light Language teacher who trains other teachers.  Richard has completed the Self-Realization Fellowship lessons, received initiation into Arhatic Yoga and two lineages of Kriya Yoga, and learned pranic healing along with other healing modalities.  In 2006 Richard began the Coalition of Planetary Love and Lightworkers.  This group is composed of individuals from all over the World focused upon the greater good of our Planet and its inhabitants.  He currently is studying Adorata, a path of embodied spirituality.

   Richard has created products which sell internationally.  They include the video cassette, How To Read The Tarot Cards: A Metaphysical Approach, which was a best seller in the United States for almost a decade; the guided meditation audio cassettes, Journey To The Golden Pyramid and Spiritual Light Journey, the former being a 1993 Golden Headset Award finalist for best inspirational self help cassette; and the book, The Intuitive Tarot, which in 2002 entered its 4th printing.  Spiritual Light Journey was released on CD in 2003.



Richard’s purpose for teaching and counseling is to promote individuals lovingly experiencing,
easily embodying, and joyously manifesting their Life Purpose; promoting the greater good;
and positive planetary transformation.



Richard Gordon
5918 Parkforest Drive
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work: (225)751-4399 or
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